How to Keep Your Honda Running at the highest level

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Hondas are known as one of the most reliable cars on the road today, and when people look for a dependable used car, they look for a Honda. Once you’ve purchased a Honda, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you have a reliable vehicle that will last. However, even the most dependable cars need maintenance, and every Honda car, truck, or SUV needs attention throughout the years to stay in good shape. 

Expert Technicians

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Ian’s Auto Service team is made up of mechanics with decades of experience specializing in Honda vehicles. Our technicians have the expertise and knowledge to keep your Honda on the road, and we even go one step further. Every repair at Ian’s Auto Service goes through a quality check, adding another layer of protection to your vehicle. 

Whether your Honda is new or old, our mechanics know everything about Honda vehicles and genuine Honda parts. The quality of our work is our biggest advertisement, and if your Honda is in need of service, we have got you covered. 

Honda Maintenance Schedule

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The technicians at Ian’s Auto Service want your car to stay in the best possible condition, and keeping up the maintenance on your car is crucial to the longevity of the vehicle. The best and most efficient way to tell if your car needs to be serviced is the mileage, and there is a maintenance schedule that will keep your Honda at the highest level. 

It is important to remember that your car will need basic services, like an oil change, when its mileage hits a certain number. Whether it is inspecting cooling systems, electrical systems, or the brakes, your car tells you when it needs to be serviced by the number of miles on the odometer.

Here’s the recommended maintenance schedule for Hondas:

7,500 Miles: Change the oil and rotate the tires.

15,000 Miles: Change the oil, rotate the tires, and inspect or replace items like brake pads and rotors, tie rods, suspension and the different systems.

30,000 Miles: Have your valve clearance checked with the basic maintenance and inspections. Replace the air cleaner and spark plugs.

45,000 Miles: Replace the coolant and brake fluid with basic inspections.

75,000 Miles: Basic maintenance and inspections, and replace the coolant. 

90,000 Miles: Basic maintenance, and replace the brake and transmission fluid.

105,000 Miles: When your Honda hits the 100,000 mile milestone, expect a number of replacements like the timing belt and coolant, and have the water pump and idle speed checked.

120,000 Miles: Basic inspections.

Keep Your Honda on the Road

Honda cars, trucks, and SUVs are extremely reliable and considered one of the most dependable cars brands on the road today. Keeping them healthy through oil changes, coolant checks, and tire rotation can make them last even longer. Ian’s Auto Service specializes in Hondas, as well as Acura, Toyota, Lexus and Subaru. Our team of expert mechanics provide a level of service that is unmatched in the Tulsa, Broken Arrow, and Coweta areas.

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