3 Things to Know About the Honda Fit

Honda is known for its quality and reliability. With a wide variety of vehicle options, there is a Honda model available for any style or budget. Starting at around $16,000, the sporty Honda Fit is a model worth looking at!

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While the Honda Fit has plenty of bragging rights, here’s a shortlist of 3 fast facts about this well-loved vehicle.

It’s actually number 5 in our list of top 5 Honda cars of all time.

The Honda Fit is Also Known as the Honda Jazz

honda jazz vehicle repair

Marketed as the Honda Fit in America, the vehicle is known as the Honda Jazz in Europe and elsewhere.

No matter what you call it, this little car is well-loved all over the world. 

Not only is the Honda Fit (or Jazz) a favorite around the world, it’s been built in 8 different countries.

Around 7.5 million Honda Fits have been sold worldwide over the past 20 years. 

The Honda Fit Has Magic Seats

No, really, that’s what they’re called — magic Seats.

The backs of the Honda Fit seats can be folded flat onto the bases, or the bases can be folded up against the backs.

These Magic Seats equip the Fit with four different storage modes: Utility, Long, Tall, and Refresh. 

Utility Mode will give you up to 52 cubic feet (1.47 cubic meters) of storage space– enough to haul your bike or even a small couch! 

Long Mode offers the option of hauling large items like ladders or surfboards. This is achieved by both passenger seats being folded down. 

Tall Mode removes the head restraints and ends up giving you four feet of vertical space. Handy when hauling taller cargo, like potted plants. 

Refresh Mode allows you to fully recline- perfect when you need to stop and rest a bit! By folding the front seat all the way back and reclining the rear seat, you can achieve an optimum stretch-out room. Sitting reclined in a rear seat while stretching your legs onto the folded down front seats, you can rest your eyes and wake up feeling refreshed. 

The Magic Seats make Honda Fit unmatched in the areas of space and versatility compared to any other car in its class.

honda sensing technologies explained

The Honda Fit is Equipped with Honda Sensing

The Honda Sensing Suite is standard on all trim models of the Honda Fit. 

Honda Sensing includes the Collision Mitigation Braking System. This system will activate a warning in the event of a possible frontal collision. If the crash is unavoidable, this system can help your Honda Fit apply brake pressure. 

Another feature included with Honda Sensing is Lane Keeping Assistance. This system uses a camera to help detect lane lines and adjusts your steering to help keep you centered. 

Road Departure Mitigation System is another feature of Honda Sensing included with the Honda Fit. If you cross a lane without signaling, this feature will activate a warning and can then adjust your steering and apply brake pressure if needed. 

Also included in the Honda Sensing Suite is Adaptive Cruise Control. When Adaptive Cruise Control is active, it can detect a vehicle ahead and help maintain a set following interval by adjusting your speed.

The Honda Sensing Suite is a feature that makes the already incredibly safe Honda line of vehicles even safer. 

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Budget-friendly, super safe, and plenty of storage make the Fit a good fit for many drivers. 

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