Top 5 Honda Cars of All Time

Honda has been known for its affordability, efficiency, and reliability for decades.

Not only that, but Honda offers quite the assortment of quality vehicle options and trims.

From the family car to a sporty weekend driving vehicle, Honda’s got you covered.

Of all the Honda vehicles that are made or have been made, it’s hard to narrow it down to which ones are the greatest.

But here’s a list of five pretty amazing offerings from this leader in the automaking industry.

5. Honda Fit (Jazz)

honda jazz top rated car

This five-door hatchback has been available from Honda since 2001. A practical model of vehicle, the four-cylinder Fit (known as the Jazz in Europe, Oceania, Africa, the Middle East, and some parts of Asia) has a roomy interior and a price point that makes it an excellent choice for a starter vehicle. 

The Fit has rear seats that split, fold, and tilt, maximizing storage space. The front seat offers significant storage space and has plenty of head and legroom for tall drivers/passengers.  

The Honda Fit has excellent visibility, making parking in tight spaces easy; plus, Fit EX and higher models come standard with Honda’s Sensing Suite. 

The Honda Fit is equipped with a 1.5 L 128 hp engine. As expected with Honda, the Fit is reliable and gets excellent gas mileage. Expect to get 29-33 mpg city and 36-40 mpg highway.

Learn 3 things you NEED to know about the Honda Fit.

4. Honda Accord Sport 

honda accord sport vehicle review

This four-door family sedan began as a three-door hatchback, way back in 1976. Over the past several decades, the Accord has evolved– the sedan version came on the scene in the early 80s, and the mid-size vehicle we are most familiar with has been around since the 90s.

In the 90s, the hatchback was discontinued and replaced with a station wagon option. By the late 90s/early 2000s, Honda chose to drop all Accord options except the coupe and sedan.

Other changes have been made in the last 20 years, including the removal of the coupe and the advent of a hybrid, but in 2013, when the ninth generation Accords hit the market, they brought an Accord Sport option with them.

The Accord Sport introduced a 4 hp bump over other Accord trim options, as well as sporty wheels, dual exhaust outlets, and a standard six-speed manual transmission. Today’s Accord Sport includes features like a leather-wrapped steering wheel, sports pedals, a rear spoiler, an audio touch screen, and more.

The Accord has been on Car and Driver’s 10 Best lists over 30 times in the 37 years the awards have existed– it’s that impressive!

3. Honda Civic Si

honda civic si repair broken arrow ok

The Honda Civic Si is a sport compact trim of the Civic line. The Si is available in a sedan as well as a coupe. 

In 1989, this fourth-generation model of the Civic was released with a long list of technical innovations. At the time, this was the top-end model of the Civic. With the Si came the more powerful B16a engine.

Today, the Civic Si Coupe comes with a sport bumper, 18-inch alloy wheels, a sleek profile, signature C-shaped taillights, and Honda sensing features.

Inside, you’ll find seating for up to 5, heated front seats, and steering wheel-mounted controls. The Civic Si Coupe is equipped with a multi-angle rearview camera, a six-speed manual transmission, and sport pedals.

The Civic Si Sedan features a sophisticated style with a sport bumper, signature C-shaped taillights, Honda sensing options, seating for up to five, and heated front seats. The Civic Si Sedan also comes equipped with a “Sport” button.

This button adds responsiveness to the throttle and, according to Honda, “makes spirited driving even more thrilling.” The Civic Si Sedan also has a multi-angle rearview camera.

2. Honda CR-V

honda crv repair broken arrow oklahoma

This compact SUV from Honda was a 2019 Kelley Blue Book’s best buy, and for a good reason. The starting price of this beauty is $25,050, and no matter what trim you choose, this vehicle is packed with features.

The CR-V is rugged and polished– featuring interior leather, wireless phone charging, heated front seats, USB charging ports, a variety of seating options, a hybrid option, and Honda Sensing features.

The CR-V is also on another of Kelley Blue Book’s lists– the 12 Best Family Cars of 2020. This user-friendly vehicle will serve families well, at all stages.

It’s perfect for the family bringing their newborn home, and because Honda is reliable and built to last, this vehicle has the potential to be around when it’s time to hand your kiddo the keys to their first vehicle. NSX

1. Honda NSX

2016 honda nsx sports car

Honda designed this sporty all-aluminum car to rival the Ferrari 348 and Porsche 911. Honda hoped to meet or exceed the performance of Ferrari with the advent of the NSX. Honda also hoped to offer superior performance and a lower price point.

The Honda NSX is marketed in America as the Acura NSX.

This two-seater, mid-engine sports car arrived in America in 1990, although Honda had been experimenting with its idea since the early-mid 80s. NSX stands for “New Sportscar Experimental.”

The exterior design was based on high-performance aircraft like the F-16 fighter jet. This first-generation NSX was produced from 1990-2005. In 2016, Acura released the second generation, and to date, the NSX is the fastest model the Honda company has ever produced. Today’s Acura NSX can go from 0 to 60 mph in only 3 seconds.

The NSX of today is a luxuriously smooth ride, with a hybrid engine and an impressive sound system. This isn’t your family vehicle, and even with AWD, the NSX may not be able to navigate all terrain because of its low profile. One thing’s for sure; this car is made to be driven.


With so many incredible vehicles to choose from, cutting this list to 5 wasn’t easy. If your personal favorite Honda isn’t on here, don’t take it too personally, as it’s sure to be a winner. 

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