Engine Air Filter Replacements in Broken Arrow

Tell-Tale Signs you need to replace an engine air filter

Regardless of the type of vehicle you drive, the air filter is an essential part of your engine.

It makes sure that enough oxygen can reach the engine, helping with combustion, and filtering out dust, debris, and other particulates that can cause damage to the internal elements of your vehicle’s engine.

But how do you know your engine’s air filter needs to be changed?

As one of Broken Arrow’s expert repair service providers, we know the signs to watch out for, and in this post, we answer all of your questions about engine air filter replacements.

1. You’ve noticed your vehicle is not accelerating as quickly as it usually does

frustrated man driving a slow vehicle This is a fairly common indication of a problem with a dirty air filter.

Although a dirty or clogged up air filter won’t just reduce the fuel efficiency of your vehicle, it can also stop it from performing optimally too.

If you have started to notice that your vehicle doesn’t respond as quickly as it used to when you put your foot on the accelerator, or even if it just feels like the car is jerking a little, then replacing an air filter could fix these issues.



2. Your fuel economy is weaker than normal

fuel handle in a car at broken arrow ok gas station In order to work optimally, your vehicle’s engine needs a healthy airflow.

If the air has started to struggle to make its way through because of a dirty or clogged filter, then eventually, your fuel economy will begin to suffer.

At first, the difference is very hard to notice, but if you leave things as they are, then you might get a reduction of up to 10% in your fuel economy.



3. You can smell gasoline when you start your vehicle

close up of a car engine If you don’t have enough oxygen entering your fuel system, then the carburetor or fuel injection system could transmit any unburned fuel out via the exhaust.

If you can smell fuel when you start your vehicle, then this could be a sign that it’s time to get a replacement air filter for your vehicle.



4. You have problems with your ignition

photo of spark plug that keeps engine from starting Dirt in your engine will not usually prevent your vehicle from switching on.

But if you’ve noticed that you need a couple of attempts at turning the key or the ignition feels a little sluggish when it turns over, then you might need to buy a replacement air filter.

The reasoning for this is that the dirty air filter is stopping the correct amount of air from reaching your spark plugs, and if the balance is off, this can stop them from sparking correctly.



5. If you can see your air filter and it looks dirty

example of a dirty car air filter The quickest and easiest way to check if you need to replace an air filter is to inspect it visually.

While this might not suit all people and all vehicles, most air filters are actually quite easy to locate in modern cars.



Get your vehicle Running Efficiently
If you are located anywhere in the Broken Arrow area and have problems with an air filter, then pop in to see us or call us on (918) 251-5305 to arrange a quick inspection. We’re always happy to help and will be able to tell you immediately if you need a replacement air filter or not.

Broken Arrow, OK – Air Filter Replacement FAQ

Regardless of the type of vehicle you drive, check out your owner’s manual to find out exactly how often you need to change an air filter.

Depending on the model, usage, and age of your vehicle, it can range between every 10,000-20,000 miles.

If you think you have a dirty air filter and/or have started to notice any or all of the signs of a blocked air filter we have mentioned in this post; then booking a quick check-up or taking a look for yourself can quickly help you know whether you need to change your engine air filter.

There are lots of benefits to changing your air filter, here are four reasons why a replacement air filter service in Broken Arrow is a wise investment.

  • Optimize your vehicle’s fuel efficiency
  • Prolong the lifetime of your engine
  • Reduce your vehicle emissions
  • Relatively low cost and easy to replace

Changing an air filter, in most modern vehicles, is a relatively easy task. Depending on the type and age of the car you own, there are almost always instructional videos online to help you. Here are a few key points to remember when you replace an air filter.

  1. Make sure your vehicle is parked on a flat surface and that the parking brake is fully engaged.
  2. Locate the air filter (most air filters will be encased on top of or in front of the engine. There will usually be an intake hose connected and should be a rectangular or square shape.
  3. Remove the air filter (you will need a screwdriver to do this as most air filters will be encased and secured with clips or screws.

    TIP: While you have the air filter outside of the case, use this as an opportune time to have a little clean inside and remove any access dirt or debris.

  4. Replace your oil filter.


Yes, it really is as easy as this. However, not all DIY engine filter replacements are 100% straightforward.

If you do not usually carry out your own maintenance and the thought of messing around under the hood of the vehicle isn’t at all appealing, you can get a great price and a quick turnaround time for any air filter replacements in Broken Arrow with Ian’s Auto Service. Visit us or call us on (918) 251-5305 to arrange a quick inspection.

If your air filter is dirty and gets clogged up, this will impact its performance, reduce your fuel efficiency, and increase your vehicle emissions.

So, it will cost you more to run a vehicle that will also be performing at a lower capacity than usually.

You might experience problems with your ignition, your engine management light might come on, and if left for too long, your vehicle might stop running altogether.

The cost of getting an air filter replaced is relatively low, especially when you compare it with so of the issues you might face if you fail to change it. If you need any assistance in the Broken Arrow area with an air filter, we welcome you to our trusted and established auto repair shop.

Ian’s Auto Service has been operating for more than 25 years’ in Broken Arrow, OK. When you deal with us, you get an honest diagnosis and a timely service. If you need to wait with your vehicle, we have a welcoming waiting area where you can quickly get access to our Wi-Fi.


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